News Flash : Welcome to Become A BBaller


Here I’ll list the syllabus in the “Become A BBaller” Program . (BABB)

BABB is a basketball program aimed at coaching youths (13 – 16) to have a strong foundation in basketball in order to advance further after that.

It is important to note that the Trainer is not certified by any official body and is teaching out of pure passion for the game. (he is however a certified first aider)

Students wishing to learn from the Trainer is required to sign a consent form which lists out the terms and conditions .

The language used here is in accordance to how it would be referred to during actual lessons.

The syllabus is now in it's beta phase, it has been derived by late coach "ah seow" way of training and will be constantly reviewed to meet the requirements of the players .

Fundamentals Of Basketball

1. Hands Development
2. Legs Development
3. Core muscles development
4. Hand Leg Coordination Development

what you verbally note

when training.. its important to note “focus on form” or any kind of verbal command you give to your mind….